Mod 0 Final Project

As you finish Mod 0 and now have a few weeks until Mod 1 starts, your team of Instructors want to support you in maintaining strong habits, taking care of yourself, and coming into Mod 1 in a great place. To do this well, you will need to approach this precious time thoughtfully.

For your final project, you will create a presentation that outlines your plan for success and your reflections on your Mod 0 experience. Your presentations should be 5 - 10 minutes long.

Reflection Questions

  1. As you look back on your time in Mod 0, what are you most proud of?
  2. What strengths do you bring to the classroom?
  3. What did you learn about yourself, as a person and a student, during Mod 0?
  4. What is the SINGLE most important thing from Mod 0 that you want to hold yourself accountable to taking into Mod 1 and beyond? Consider any feedback you received throughout Mod 0 and how you might use that to help you prepare for Mod 1.
  5. Any final words of wisdom or messages for your fellow cohort-mates and future instructors!

Creating Your Plan

Create a plan for how you will use the time from now through the start of Mod 1 to ensure you set yourself up for success. Be sure to include this plan in your presentation. Some artifacts we would like to see are:

  1. Your calendar between now and Mod 1
    • How are you planning to spend your time? Are you working? What obligations things do you need to take care of between now and the start of Mod 1
  2. Who is your support group as you start your Turing journey? What does support look like for you?
  3. Are you planning to work part-time while at Turing? How many hours? Be prepared to show these obligations on your calendar.

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