Intro to Peer Review

As part of project based learning, it is critical for students to have opportunities to give and receive feedback with one another.

Giving and receiving feedback is a tricky skill that we will continue to practice and develop during our time at Turing.

Today, we are going to provide a framework for you to give and receive feedback for our presentations.

Protocol for Feedback in Mod 0

You will be pairing up with another student to take turns executing your presentation and providing feedback - both positive and constructive.

Positive feedback is anything the presenter is doing well, which could include:

  • How they have organized information in their presentation
  • Their pace and tone as they presented
  • Their use of visuals and other resources to more clearly communicate information

Constructive feedback is something the presenter could consider for improving their presentation. This could include:

  • Breaking up slides with too much information into different slides
  • Reducing the speed at which they communicate the information on slides
  • Removing unnecessary or unrelated visuals

For our time today, we will use the following protocol to conduct the peer reviews and use this template to capture feedback.

  1. Determine who will present first
  2. Presenter will send their slides to the person giving feedback.
  3. Presenter will conduct their presentation.
  4. Reviewer will take notes on the template provided.
  5. Switch roles.
  6. Take 10 minutes to compile feedback and send to one another.
  7. Take remaining time to implement changes and feedback!

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